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Stuck On You

Another pop punk song that I wrote. The song is about not being able to let go of a relationship.


The third track inspired by Quake 2's soundtrack, "Sabotage", was made with a Ibanez Gio, a MXR Fullbore Metal distortion pedal, and Ableton Live 11 Suite.

Mr. P

I wrote this silly diss track shortly after high school, and decided it'd be funny to finish it up years later. It's about a middle school teacher that went overboard with disciplining his students. The lyrics and backing track were written and composed by me. The vocals include myself and a few of my friends from school.


"Another" was a pop punk song that I wrote for a final project at school. While there's no vocals for the song yet, I have lyrics written, and a vocal melody mapped out in a work-in-progress version of the song. I plan on finishing the song soon!

Arms Race

"Arms Race" was written shortly after Onslaught. I used similar tools as Onslaught; the Boss Metal Zone pedal, the Scarlett audio interface, and Ableton. However, I learned about dual-tracking shortly after making Onslaught so I did that to the guitars to make them sound fuller. Fun fact about the main guitar riff: The first chord in the progression was actually supposed to be the last one; however, I ended up keeping it the way it came out because I thought it sounded better.


"Onslaught" was a track made by myself and my cousin while we were on a family vacation. I came up with a very simple guitar riff but it didn't exactly fit the time signature, so my cousin took it, added some chugs to it, and with some bass, synth, other riffs and a drum beat it eventually became "Onslaught". I used my child-sized Fender Squier that I grew up with because I liked the pickups in it. I also used a BOSS Metal Zone MT-2 for the distortion, and directly plugged it into my Scarlet Solo audio interface. Everything else was done in Ableton Live 11.